Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan are a peculiar, sometimes electric pairing.

Before getting into the performances that kind of worked in Wild Mountain Thyme, we need to talk about the glaring New Yorker in the room. As mentioned prior, Christopher Walken plays the father to Jamie Dornan’s Anthony, and their relationship is supposed to add some soul to the film. Walken is truly a legend, and most films I’ve watched with him (even if he’s in the background) usually end in high praise. In the case of Wild Mountain Thyme, his presence just confuses. He doesn’t really try to do the Irish accent, despite everyone else in the cast really going for it, and it just takes away from this fairytale escape the movie is going for. And when it comes to a teary-eyed moment between Walken and Dornan, it’s so odd to watch it fall so flat. There are some nice moments between Walken and the cast, and there’s a solid effort, but there’s also a strange anomaly happening here where the talent is just not enough to give this film the kick it needed to get there.

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