Coronavirus became an epidemic because the infection spreads from one person to another and thus the entire chain of infection is formed. Symptoms like dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath are usually seen in patients suffering from Covid-19.

But most of the patients are also those who do not show any of these symptoms but are infected. Silent carriers are proving to be extremely deadly in the battle against Coronavirus. Of all the positive patients of the corona virus, which is reported worldwide, one-third are those who have received this infection from some other silent carrier. These are silent carriers with no symptoms of corona virus.

Not only this, it cannot be determined whether they are infected with corona or not without the test as they do not show any sign of the virus. People who do not show any symptoms are called Silent Carriers.

It has now come to light that one-third of the total infected patients of coronavirus in China were silent carriers. The South China Morning Post shared similar records prepared by the Chinese government in one of its reports.

In the report, citing the data study of the Chinese government, it has been told that the number of infected people or who are seen before the virus can be many times more than the number of silent carriers.

Chinese government figures show that by the end of February-2020, more than 43,000 corona-positive cases were detected, showing no symptoms. These were not included in the official data as the virus was not confirmed. At that time, the official figure of corona virus-positive patients in China was 80,000. These figures are extremely important for countries fighting the Coronavirus. China-based WHO International Mission had estimated that the number of people infected with corona virus could be one to three percent.

According to experts, Western countries such as the United States, Britain, and Italy only conducted medical tests of the common people in whom its symptoms were found. There was no medical test of those people, who showed no symptoms of Corona

In the USA and European countries, only those passengers arriving at the airport are being medically examined, showing any symptoms of the virus. At the same time, Hong Kong has done a medical test of all the passengers arriving at the airport.

Experts believe that the strategy adopted by China and South Korea to combat the virus has been very effective than  USA and European countries.

Many experts, including doctors, have been saying from the beginning that numbers of corona infected cases in India are not showing in India because sufficient tests are not being conducted.

In India, those people who have returned from abroad and who have a cough, cold or fever are usually being investigated. Apart from this, people coming in contact with such people are also being investigated. At the same time, confirmation of community transmission was not found in random sampling done by the government.


Symptom of silent career

China has learned from its experiences and its data, how to identify  a silent career. According to experts, silent carriers can be identified by some characteristics. In Britain, more than 100 silent carriers who had suffered from the virus reported that they had almost lost their sense of smell and taste after the infection.

These symptoms can prove to be very important in a silent career. So people should be aware of these symptoms by including them in the official symptoms of Corona virus. The most serious thing is that the age of these silent careers is below 40 years.

According to the doctors symptoms of Covid-19 do not appear soon in silent carriers even after the coronavirus is in their body. They do not get cold in the first 10 days. Even if it happens, it doesn’t grow much and no sign of fever. It takes 10 to 15 days for the symptoms of Covid-19 to appear. It may be that even after 15 days, symptoms of Covid-19 may not show in silent carrier. However, during that time they keep spreading the virus and people coming in contact with them may come under the grip of Coronavirus.

According to experts, lake senses like smell and taste may be an important symptom in the corona virus’s silent carrier. According to ENT UK Professor Nirmal Kumar, if you feel that your senses of taste and smell is affected, then you should go to Self-Isolation.

According to Professor Nirmal Kumar, he knows 80 to 100 patients from all over the world who started having such symptoms and was found to be corona positive within 24 hours of that.

Why does this happen?

Everything depends on the immune system of the person. People whose immunity system is good, their body fights even after being infected with corona. It prevents the virus from growing it as a disease.
This is the reason that the symptoms of covid-19 do not appear in the body of some people soon. These people become silent careers. Because they do not know that they are infected with the virus and carrying it silently.

How long do symptoms occur?  

Symptoms of corona are usually seen within five to 10 days, but this is not the case with silent carriers. After 10 days, few symptoms are seen. It can also happen that there are no symptoms. Maybe his body, due to the strong immune system, will automatically fight and overcome the corona after 15 days and eliminate the virus.

Silent carriers themselves do not know that they have corona in their body. They come in contact with many people. The virus reaches many of their bodies. And not everyone’s immune system is strong, so it is possible that those who have received the virus from silent carriers, fall ill. They do not understand how the virus entered their body.

What to do in such a situation?

Stay away from people as much as possible to avoid silent carriers. Do social distancing. Wash hands from time to time. Take a shower every day. Do not touch your mouth, eyes, nose, ears again and again. Eat healthy food. Do not go to crowded places, as we do not know who is the silent carrier. Because the corona stays in a person’s body for 15 days. The time between 10 to 15 days is very critical.

Stay isolated, if there is a corona in your body,  some symptoms will show within these days. Even if the symptoms do not appear, you may have been a silent career yourself. In such a situation, within 15 days your body can automatically remove the virus due to its strong immune system.