A Good Citizen

A citizen has a very important place in a democratic country. The word ‘citizen’ is made by the French Language which became popular after the French revolution. Every person living in India is not a citizen of India. A citizen is one who is a resident of the country, has both social and political rights or he gives his valuable co-operation in making government.

A good citizen obeys his duties and rights. He also pays attention to favour his country in voting, paying taxes at the time and having high faith in his nation. Every citizen is faithful to others. He also obeys laws and orders that are made by the legislature.

A democratic state particularly depends on the qualities of its citizens. It citizens have an interest in politics and aware of their rights, the features of the nation will be growing and become more powerful. Good citizens love very much his motherland and ready to sacrifice for the country.

He also fights against crime, terrorism, corruption and several social evils in his country. So a good citizen is called one who obeys rights and duties for his country.


Punctuality is one of the best qualities of a person. This is a habit that is very helpful to success in our life. Nelson said that he owed very much of punctuality for his success in life Punctuality makes us all’s affectionate in our daily life, social life and also business life.

We should complete our work at the time, because if we become lazy in doing work then our work is not completed finely and people do not like us. If any person is punctual in his life for every work to go to school, to go to the office, to read, to play, to sleep, to awake, etc. In all work, he shall be a success in his life.

If any person is not punctual, several important works of his daily life do not complete and he seems very sad and worried. He looses his physical and mental capacities. Now we are free so if we are punctual in our activities, our new generation will be punctual also and our country will shine.



Obedience is a great virtue. It should be cultivated by everyone. Obedience is essential at every stage of life. A person without this quality cannot succeed in life.

Obedience means compliance with the direction or orders of our superior. A boy or a girl who does not obey the parents is never good. Such a child goes astray and is not liked by anyone. Obedience to parents is absolutely necessary for the formulation of character which is the solid foundation of future happiness.

Just as home, obedience is of great importance in school also. An obedient pupil listens to the teacher’s instructions. He does everything as is asked to do and never does anything forbidden. He shines well in school, scores well in results at the examination and is praised by one and all. All his relatives and friends feel proud of him. Even the blessings of God are showered upon him in plenty.

Obedience is necessary for practical life as well. What every work we may choose for our profession, obedience is urgently required of us.

To gain success, we must obey our superiors everywhere. Disobedience is the root of all disorders. Like other great habits, obedience too should be acquired in early life.  A family without obedience can never be happy.


Education is the all-round development of the mental and physical facilities of all individuals. A child is born with some instincts. All his early activities are regulated by these instincts. He has potentialities of body and mind, which find expression, as the child grows up. The healthy growth of these facilities is necessary so that the child of today may be a useful citizen of tomorrow which is possible by education.

Education never means learning of things from books and passing some examinations. People can be well educated without going to school or without even learning to read and write. We call men truly educated when in addition to book learning, we find a well balanced, properly developed mind and healthy body, such a man is a worthy member of society fit. He stands on his own legs in all changing circumstances of life.

Education is like a lamp in a dark place. Just as at the approach of a lamp the accumulated darkness of ignorance is driven away by true education. A man becomes conscious of his powers and responsibilities at the same time. He knows how to regulate the instinct to curb his passions and controls his emotions. He has enriched his mind with the knowledge handed down to us by our forefathers. He has seen and found the true meaning of life. Knowledge has ripened into wisdom in him. Such a person has justified Swami Vivekananda’s definition is ‘the manifestation of the perfection already in man’.

Proper education gives us the ability to adapt to social life. We should, in the first, fleece, be useful members of our society and not a burden upon it. We should be capable of earning money and making life comfortable. In the second place, our education should not isolate us from our own people. We should be able to contribute to the well being of society and help in its growth.


Aim Of Life

“Life is real, life is earnest

And the grave is not its goal”

This stanza has been taken from the poem ‘psalm of Life’. Life is not a mere collection of days, months, years to be spent at will. It has a deeper meaning. We fulfill God’s purpose, where we spend it seriously in the service of humanity.

When I grew up, I hope to devote myself to doing good to my fellow men in a spirit of service. The saint and patriot Swami Vivekananda have taught us that the worship of God consists of the service of the created beings. There are various ways of service. The best of them is the spread of knowledge among men.

After completing my education, I shall retire to any one of the many villages of my own district. These villages are stepped in the darkness of ignorance and superstition. The people of the villages do not know in which way their good lies. They are easy and helpless victims of illness, poverty, and exploitation. I shall devote myself to their education, so that they may know themselves, realize the value of life-like real human beings.

In the very beginning, I shall not start school and proceed to teach them reading and writing. First of all, I shall try to make the village healthy, by cleaning jungles. Constructing drains, making roads and closing up unnecessary holes and ponds. I shall not start school and proceed to teach them reading and writing.

First of all, I shall try to make the village healthy, by cleaning jungles. Constructing drains, making roads and closing jungles. Constructing drains, making roads and closing up unnecessary holes and ponds. I shall teach the people the elementary rules of health and show them how to keep drinking water pure.

I shall try to find out supplementary means of income for the villagers because the only profession in our village is agriculture and it cannot keep one busy for the whole year. The peasants have to remain idle for about six months. I shall have to try to find out the occupation for them in cottage industries so that they may be economically sound.


Discipline means mental and moral training of the mind and character to produce self-control. The rule that we follow is not made or forced by others. We follow them because we know their value. A disciplined man leads an orderly life and is a successful man. If there is no plan and order in life there will be confusion and wastages. Discipline is very Necessary at every step in life.

Man needs discipline at every step because without discipline all work in society would come to a stand-still. If everyone is forced to do what he likes, society will break up, progress will be arrested and civilization will be destroyed. In fact, efficient living depends on discipline. There is Desipiline in every work of man.

The first training of discipline is imparted to us at home. We learn to do things in a proper manner, to behave properly and to obey our parents and elders. We are taught all these things with affection and punishment.

Punishment is used only when we prove disobedient. Our training is continued at school, in the classroom and most especially on the playground. And then the final training comes in life. When we suffer for every wrong step and then get wiser. Failer is thus the best teacher to make us disciplined.

As in other spheres of life we have to be guided for discipline as well.

Discipline is more important than food or shelter. A man may live by breath but mankind will live discipline alone. Discipline will make the whole world a heaven of adjustment tolerance and brotherhood where everybody will be happy to work and live well.


A Good Deed

“A good deed is really a need of society.”

—-Raja Ram Mohan Rai

When I started to write an essay on A” A Good Deed” as a part of vacation homework, my pen stopped. I began to think about what good deed of mine I should describe. Should it be feeding the bird or giving alms to beggars, when I occasionally go to the temple? Can it be serving my parents when they are ill or helping my sister in her work? No, I thought these were significant for an essay.

I started introspecting my thirteen years of life more deeply. I felt that most of the things I did are for my own self-playing, studying, reading, watching TV, surfing the computer, appreciating music, participating in competitions, etc. are all for my own benefit. “Am I becoming too self-centered?” I confess that I must decide to do one good deed so that I may write an essay.

It is sad, ” Where there is a will, there is away.” Some evening I found a small girl crossing the road carelessly. suddenly,  a red line bus came dashing unconcerned with the safety of anyone else. Risking my life, I just ran on the street and pulled out the girl. Her life was saved and the bus driver stopped and starting abusing us.

A crowd gathered on the spot and the parent of the girl called the police on our complaint, the license of the bus driver canceled. Although the parents of the girl felt very obliged to me, I was happy because I had done a good deed by saving the life of the girl.