There’s great chemistry between Jessica Rothe, Harry Shum Jr and the cast.

Aside from its moving true story, All My Life’s greatest attribute is Happy Death Day star Jessica Rothe. Just as she elevated the pair of Blumhouse’s slasher comedy movies, Rothe’s charisma elevates this heavy romance story by balancing a combination of the film’s intense emotions with welcomed levity in a beautiful way. Rothe’s character takes the good with the bad, just as one might say on the altar in white. And her partner is Glee actor Harry Shum Jr, who dances along with her throughout the film’s rough terrain. The actor has a difficult role, who is balancing the grief of his liver cancer diagnosis and staying in the moment. It’s completely different territory for Shum – though he does at one point lead an understated flash mob proposal years after being a part of grandiose choreographed music numbers on the hit TV series.

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