The Ministry of Health has made it clear that Corona is currently in the local transmission stage i.e. the second phase in India. It has not yet reached the third stage of community transmission.

This information was given in the meeting of the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs on Monday about the steps to be taken to prevent the corona virus in the country. In the last 24 hours, COVID19 has killed four people and 92 new cases have been reported, said Luv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health.

There have been 1071 total cases in the country and the number of deaths in India has gone up to 29 till date. Luv Aggarwal claims that some positive results are being obtained from the lockdown in the country to prevent the infection of Coronavirus.

In developed countries, the rate which has increased rapidly, we are not there. It took 12 days in our country to go from a hundred to 1000 cases. While 3500, 5000, 8000 cases have been recorded in countries in the same number of days.

However, the situation at this time is critical, even a single lapse can be too heavy for us. There is a need to create awareness instead of spreading panic.

He said that I would like to tell people that whatever result we have achieved, it can be zero again. If people do not follow the guidelines. Therefore, we have to follow the rules mentioned under any circumstances. Love Aggarwal said that in other countries of the world, one person has infected more than a hundred people.

Not only this, due to the negligence of an infected person, the epidemic has spread all over the country. We have to avoid that situation.

To prevent corona virus infection, every person in the society needs cooperation. If any person leaves, does not cooperate, then the result will be zero. 100 percent implementation on the guideline needs to be done. 100 percent effort is required.

He said that 10 empowered groups have been formed. Training is being provided from AIIMS and nimhans. Those who are elderly… and who have some disease… are more at risk. The testing facility for this virus is our priority to build a dedicated Covid hospital.

Dr. Ganga Ketkar of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has informed that 38,442 tests of corona virus have been done so far in the country.

3,501 of which were done yesterday. This means that we are still less than 30 percent of our testing capacity. In the last three days, 13,34 tests have been conducted in private laboratories.

Luv Aggarwal said that if we write the community in the government document, then people start taking it differently. Right now our country is in the stage of local transmission. The figures which are coming, are telling that our direction is right and there should be an effort to keep it intact.

It was said by the Ministry that if the virus in the country reaches the stage of community transmission then we will accept it but the country has not yet reached that stage. Stage three is called community transmission. It is more dangerous. In this, it is not known to whom the person is infected and it grows very fast.

Regarding Delhi’s Nizamuddin, he said that we take action according to our protocol. Nizamuddin or wherever the team goes and works under a containment strategy. He said that nothing can be said about what the cabinet secretary said about the lockdown. Today, I will say that in the direction you are going, you are getting positive results.