If one had to point to a weak link in the chain, it’s Vince Vaughn – whose role in the film feels like it was enhanced because he is the biggest, most established name in the cast. His arc isn’t without its highlights as he goes on a Principal Rooney-esque adventure to find his daughter and rescue her from The Binge, but it’s an overplayed hand as he eventually becomes way too big a part of the main narrative (and in a way that, again, doesn’t fully track logically).The Binge never hits that special comedy sweet spot long enough to become something really great, interrupting its streaks of hilarity with groan-inducing moments, but it does get into that zone frequently enough to be worth checking out. Admittedly it’s partially given pass that comes from a mindset acknowledging that we can all use a good laugh these days, but that by itself is also an acknowledging that there are laughs to be had.

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