Nearly all the countries of the world are struggling with Pandemic like coronavirus. The work of finding its medicine or vaccine is going on a war footing. Millions of people are infected with it and thousands have lost their lives. There is a global discussion on this disease. Let us know how this infection affects your body …

Virus structure

The structure of most viruses is basically made up of three things. RNA, protein, and lipids. These form viruses in the form of three layers. The lipid forms the outer layer and helps maintain the structure of the virus. But this outer layer of lipid is the weakest link in the structure of the virus.

How does it enter the body

According to the research so far and according to the advice of doctors, Corona can take entry into a person’s body through the mouth, eyes, and nose. In general, this virus enters people’s bodies through droplets ie sneeze or cough. This infection begins to spread through the protein called ACE 2 of human body cells.

After this, the upper part of the coronavirus, ie, the lipids, is broken down and spread. The RNA contained within it is found in our cells. Then this virus starts making negative proteins in our body cells.


Coronavirus is produced in our body

When negative protein starts to form in our body, then our cells also start to mold like the same virus. Many new viruses are born within cells. Then the number of viruses within the body starts increasing.

How does it end

When the number of these viruses becomes very high then the cells inside our body start dying. They start obstructing the process of cleaning oxygen by reaching our lungs.

How does fighting resistance

It is being said repeatedly about corona that the effect of this disease will be less on those whose immune system is better. When our immune system fights with these viruses, then we start getting a fever. And other systems also appear for the same reason.

Soap is the best solution

It is seen in most people that they keep touching their face every few minutes. You must have read the news that US President Donald Trump did not touch his face during the past month. Trump had this habit that he used to touch his face every few times. Once the virus hits your hands, you are in a high-risk zone. At this time, washing your hands with water is not enough. Washing hands with soap is very important.

The soap contains things like amphiphiles that work to eliminate the structure of the virus. These soap particles eliminate the layer of lipids present on the outer layer of the virus. Which kills the virus. Even while washing hands, you have to take care of whether the soap is fully applied to your palms or wrists.