Some important things to keep in mind before submitting a post

1. Your post should be in English.

2. You can submit the post on any topic you want. Informative articles will get more preference. You can also submit infographics along with textual content.

3. Posts should be at least 500 words. You can write more than this if you want.
We focus more on quality content that will provide some information to our readers.

4. It is necessary to post grammatically correct and use English while writing.

5. Do not use any link in the middle of the article.

You cannot use any link in between, nor can you use any affiliate link of any kind. To create a link, you should use a word as an anchor text and create a back link on it.

6. You can also add visual content such as images, along with textual content.

7. It is very important to have an image in the post. Keep in mind that the image should not be copied from anywhere, only use the copyright-free image.

8. If you have any queries, then please contact us through the email address given below.

9. If you will write a post according to our rules, your content will be published on our blog.

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