A Scene at A Polling Booth

Last year, I became a major voter having attained the age of eighteen and therefore, I was entitled to vote in the Assembly elections. It was a great moment for me and I was very proud that I could now become one of the electorates who were to decide the future rulers of our country.

As it was the first opportunity for me to vote, I was very much excited. I got up early in the morning in a very ecstatic mood as it was the 25th of November. I made some inquiries and went straight to the polling booth. The election by the populace of our locality was to take place on the premises of the Government Primary School which was not very far off from my house. The day was declared a holiday for the students, government officers, and private workers and also for those working in petty shops. Outside the polling booth, I found a stall of each candidate decorated with their respective banners.

The attendants of the stalls were distributing small slip bearing the name and vote number of each voter. The people were coming on foot, in rickshaws, cars, and scooters. There was no blare of mikes and canvassing had been stopped the previous evening. A policeman, who stood at the narrow gate, allowed each man and woman to go inside. After crossing a few meters, I stood behind a queue meant for the ladies. There were two separate queues for gentleman and ladies in front of a room.

Here, another policeman and some volunteers with flowery badges on their chests were controlling the entry of voters into the booth. Nobody was allowed to enter out of turn. My name and identity were checked by the polling officer. Since I had an identity card issued by the Election Commission of India. I had no problem.

I went behind a covered enclosed place where the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was kept. I pressed the button opposite the symbol of my desired candidate. The voting was peaceful as men and women of ages from eighteen years to more than a hundred years cast their votes.

An Election Scene

Our city witnessed the scene of the Municipal Election this year. It was on 10 January this year. Chilly winds were blowing. But there was pleasant sun-shine. Polling was to begin at 8 am. Our college was one of the polling stations. All the colleges, schools and offices of our town remained closed that day.

They were issuing slips with voter members to the votes. Their banners and colored buntings were on display Rickshaws and jeeps were bringing the lady voters. There were hustle and bustle all around. There were two queues before every booth one for men and the other for women. Ten candidates were contesting from our sector.

Hence I, being a voter was given a long ballot paper. I put the set on the symbol of my candidate and dropped it into the ballot box. The arrangement was very good inside and outside the polling station. The voting continued throughout the day ends at 5 P.M. The voting stopped and the ballot boxes were sealed.


A Scene at the Railway Station

It was the month of December. Some of our friends decided to go to see a cricket test match in Delhi. All of us got permission from our parents and reached the station early in the morning. There was a great rush at the platform. People were talking together. Some were making haste, some were calling ‘coolie’. Hawkers were selling their articles with a loud noise. In the waiting room, some passengers were sleeping on the benches. Some were sleeping on the floor.

Some had quiet and some were talking. Some had blankets. Some had nothing to cover their bodies. Some passengers were gossiping. Some were criticizing the policy of the Government. There was a great rush at the booking window. People were shouting. They were pushing one another. Everyone was trying to take his ticket occurring others. We came to platform No. 3. People were waiting eagerly for the arrival of the train. Some were sitting on their luggage. Some were standing at the bookstall. I also went to the bookstall. There were many newspapers, magazines, and books at the stall. I purchased a sports magazine and began to read it. Hawkers were going to and fro.

They were selling sweets, factories, tea, beetles, birds, cigarettes and fruits. Children were running on the platform. Thus seemed to be very happy. At last, the train steamed in. People began to make haste. Coolies ran here and there. Some passengers got down while some others go in. We also got in and took out seats. The train departed after five minutes.

A Village Fair

Most of the Indians live in vållages. They depend mainly on agriculture. The prosperity of India, thus, depends in a great way on the proper improvement of Agriculture. Even now farming is done in traditional methods. As a result, a great portion of the population remains jobless for a pretty long time of the year. To fill in this vacuum, the Govt. is encouraging cottage industries. They are created to attract people in small scale cottage industries.

Production requires the popularisation of the produce and apparatus for selling. Khadi and Gramodyog is an important organization in this respect. But there are government agencies and marketing cooperatives for the purpose. The village fair may play a vital role in this direction. A fair is unlike a market. In the market, traditional things are bought and sold regularly. But a fair is organized once a year. The purpose is not sale alone, it has an exhibition side also.

It creates an opportunity for sales promotion also. The government may help people with money and technical assistance. This means more and more employment and better earning. Males and females may jointly take steps in the direction. This fair has a recreation side also. There are magic shows, merry-go-rounds, instant lotteries, mock, shooting exercises, balancing races by cycles and motorcycles and many other items. In big fairs circus parties also take part. The people enjoy themselves in chat houses, tea stalls, sweet stalls, and restaurants. Sweet melodious songs are played and circulated throughout the fair. The village people are full of joy.


Prize Distribution Function

At the end of every academic session, the annual prize distribution function is held in our college campus. This function is supposed to be one of the most important celebrations in our college. On this day meritorious students and sportspersons and cultural activities are awarded prizes. In this academic year, the function was held in the month of January.

The chief guest delivered an inspiring speech, This inspired the students to show more talent in the future in various cultural and academic fields. The preparations were started at least a month earlier. The college campus is whitewashed. Students tidy their classrooms and decorate them with beautiful posters.

The school auditorium was fully adorned with flowers and balloons. This year the chief guest was the secretary of the education board. He was invited to preside over the function. Invitation cards were sent to parents of all students. Photographers were arranged to click the photographs of the occasion.

The program began with the national song, It followed the song of welcoming the chief guest. Everyone in the auditorium clapped at the performance of the bhangra dance of gay and happiness. After the cultural program, there was a fancy dress show. The audience liked and clapped when different costumes appeared at the stage. It was a matter of great joy for the student community when the principal announced the next day as holiday.