How I Celebrated My Birthday

My birthday falls on the 15th of November. My parents celebrate it with great pomp and show. On my last birthday, my parents arranged a big feast. The Deputy Commissioner of the District attended it. My father is an officer of the Haryana Government. He draws a salary of more than Rs. 10,000. He is a very intelligent person and is very popular among the public and officers. On the eve of my last birthday, my father gave me many invitation cards for printing. He invited a large number of officers and public men to our bungalow. He arranged a small variety show in which some children danced and sang. All the people clapped for me.

The show lasted for half an hour. After that, everyone presented gifts to me. My mother accepted them with thanks. Some people gave me money. There was a huge cake on a big table and it was cut into pieces. All the people were standing around my father, congratulating him. Each person got a piece of cake. After some time, tea and sweets were served to the guests. Our servants moved from table to table doing so. Thus my last birthday was celebrated in a spirit of gaiety. On the auspicious occasion of my birthday, all my friends congratulated me.

I wondered at a large number Of gifts which were given to me. There were gold rings, pieces Of clothes, sports-goods, clay-birds and the images made beautifully out of different materials. All the gifts have been kept in a suitcase. Every year a large number of gifts come to me. J am the only child of my parents. Therefore, they celebrate my birthday with great pomp and show.

When I Won A Lottery

It was only yesterday that I looked at the result of the Sikkim State Lottery Draw and suddenly I saw the ticket that was selected for the first prize, was with me, At once, I started jumping. My friend Naresh Kumar was also with me. He wanted that he should also be given a share. Suddenly I said that I was ready to share the prize with him. Actually speaking, Naresh had got a joined ticket and each had contributed fifty paise. So the first prize was to be divided into two equal parts. Both of us informed our parents.

They were very happy. My father and Naresh’s parents were living as neighbours. The same wall separates our homes. We are very close friends. Our parents decided to held a party on that day. In the evening a party was arranged as money was got from the New Delhi office of the Sikkim State House. We invited our friends and colleagues. Our parents called their relatives and other acquaintances. On that day, both of us danced on the stage with our friends. We had also arranged a cake. We sang a song of joy. We danced and our parents also joined us. It appeared as if a marriage party was being held. Our friends congratulated us.

Our parents were congratulated by their friends and relatives. But I had certain strange ambitions. I wish that my parents should use part of the money in their business. Part of the money I wish to give to the poor. My parents have agreed to do so. We propose to go to Kathmandu by Air this weekend. I am fond of Air travel. Our parents will also accompany us. We propose to spend about five thousand rupees in Kathmandu. People dream of winning a lottery. But we actually got the prize. It was a fortunate day when we got that prize.


This is How I Caught a Thief

Yesterday when I was moving on my bicycle, I saw two women, wearing golden necklaces walking on the roadside, There was no one with the theme The road was altogether lonely in the morning hours when I was moving to my school for studies. Suddenly I saw that a person appeared from behind a bush. He took out his knife and asked the two women to give their golden necklaces to him. There were two other persons also who had got lathis in their hands.

The women started crying for help. One of them was afraid and she stopped crying when she was threatened that she would be killed if she cried any more. At this, I and two of my classmates who were at a little distance reached the scene. We had got nothing with us with which to fight the thief. One of my friends who was healthy got down from his bike and pounced upon the man with a lathi, from behind. He snatched his lathi. He gave a lathi blow to him and the thief fell down. Soon after, both of us fell upon the man with a knife.

I snatched his knife and both of us threw him down on the floor. Two policemen also had reached by that time. They arrested him. They took him to the police station. The women were thankful to us. They wanted to give us a reward. But we did not accept it, as it was our duty to help those who are in need of it. We had simply done our duty towards the society. The police officers rewarded us with a hundred rupee notes each with a merit certificate. But we did not want to accept it. My father asked me to accept this amount of reward. On the next day, our photographs were published in the newspapers and the whole event was described therein. People praised us very much.

The Day When I Fell Ill

I am very careful about my health. I take my meals regularly and exercise daily. It is rare that I fall ill, I do not like a sickness. For one sickness means being idle and lonely. I realized it only a few days backs when I fell ill. I remember that evening when it rained heavily and together with my two friends I went outside. Despite my mother’s advice not to get wet, we stayed outside talking, laughing and enjoying the cool weather. We continued to play in the rain till it was very dark and my friends had to leave.

The next day I got up unusually early. When I tried to move out of the bed I felt dizzy. My head ached and I felt restless. I pushed aside the blanket. I had covered myself with quilt and tried to sleep again. After some time when my mother came to wake one, as she does every morning, I did not feel like getting up. She touched my forehead and found it to be warm as I was in the grip of a fever. She checked my temperature. I could not go to school. I was happy to miss my test as I did not study for it.

My father phoned to principal and informed him about my illness and the failure to attend the classes. A doctor was called. He prescribed some tablets and asked me not to move out of the bed that day. The tablet tasted bitter and the worst was when it got stuck and dissolved in the mouth itself. I ate my breakfast in bed. My sister brought milk and toast for me. As I was supposed to take complete rest no one stayed in my room for long. I was left alone so that I could sleep undisturbed. I felt even more restless and could not sleep. I wished that I get well within seconds so that I can join the others. After some time my friends also came to meet me.

They came to pick up me but looking me they returned sadly. During lunch hour, I had to do with porridge while they enjoyed the usual meal. Even during the evening, I was confined to bed while my friends played outside. After the game, they see me again. It was porridge again for my dinner but I felt better. The medicines showed their effect and luckily my fever came down. I was happy again.


If I Were A Millionaire

Every man sometimes dreams of becoming rich. He wishes that he could get millions of rupees overnight to be able to live according to his desires. He often dreams of getting a lottery prize which would transform his life at one stroke. This is the reason why people buy a large number of lottery tickets. They want to become rich overnight and to enjoy themselves according to their dream or desire.

I have also thought often of becoming a millionaire by winning a huge lottery prize. I have also sometimes tried to imagine how I would live and what I would do if I were to become a millionaire. If I ever become a rich man, I would like to do some of the following things. First, I would buy a beautiful house to live in. I would then like to have a car which will help me in going quickly from one place to another. After I have got those essential things for modern living, I would use the rest of my money for the help of the poor and miserable. I would like to open a small primary school where all the poor children of my neighborhood may be educated free of cost.

I would also see that these poor children are properly clothed and fed. Helped thus, these children would grow into healthy citizens of India. I would also like to start a small hospital where the poor and the needy may get medicine free of cost. There is much suffering in the world and people are unable to get help and sympathy from their fellow beings. I think that if I am able to do these two things, I would have made proper use of my wealth and my conscience would feel satisfied.

If I were the Prime Minister Of India

I am proud of being an Indian. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would have brought about many reforms in the country. The first thing I would do is to introduce free compulsory education up to the college level. India is a poor country, The poor cannot afford the high expenses of educating their children. I would introduce some reforms in education, Everyone who completes his studies would get employment straight away after leaving school, as in other countries of Europe and America.

I would have given unemployment allowance to those educated persons who could not get employment in spite of higher education. As the Prime Minister, I would ask everyone to work as he likes. I would remove all the barriers in the way of free trade. I would reduce the taxes that are a burden to the common man. I would tax the richer people very much, but give much relief to the poor. I would take a census of the whole country to find out who does not have a house.

I would provide a free house to every poor man. If I were the Prime Minister, I would remove the poverty of the people. Schemes to find employment for every unemployed person would be started. I would stop the practice of dowry and thus raise the status of women. I would raise the status of the poorer landless people by giving them pieces of land for cultivation. I would help the workers and the farmers alike and they bring about prosperity in the countryside.

When I had a Frightening Dream

It was a windfall. I was too thrilled to bag the first prize in a lucky draw. It was a free holiday and travel to Disneyland. I boarded a jumbo jet. Immediately it soared high in the sky. But my joy was short-lived. It kept on going higher and higher. I was terribly frightened. While it was wandering, it crashed with a satellite and broke into pieces. I started falling down. Suddenly, I saw a huge bird, which was as big as a helicopter. I try to catch its wings.

The bird after some time landed on a ship. I got down on the deck. I was thinking that my life had been saved. But this was not so. Suddenly, there was a big blast and the ship broke into two pieces. I tried to save my life holding a wooden plank and swimming. It was the unending sea which was full of sharks and whales. I was so frightened that I shouted ‘Mummy- Mummy’. As soon as my mother heard my call, she woke me up and asked me what had happened. I was so happy to find that it was only a ‘frightening dream’.