A Journey by Train

A journey by train is a pleasant experience. Two years back, I went to Guwahati by train to see my aunt there. I do not forget the sweet memory of that journey. My father took me to Guwahati. My father and I arrived at the Silchar railway station at 6 a.m. We had bedding and a suitcase with us. A link train was standing on the platform. My father took me to a second class compartment and asked me to sit there.

He placed the suitcase and bedding on a bunk and went to buy tickets for us. I sat near a window and began to the lookout. The station platform was full of passengers in a short time and our compartment was soon packed up with ladies and gentlemen. My father returned with two tickets and just at 6.20 a.m., the train started for Badarpur.

From the window where I was sitting, I saw the trees, fields, farmers and many other things quickly slide past me. After stopping at every station for a minute or two the train, at last, reached Badarpur at about 8 a.m. We got down from this train and crossed over to the other side of the station building. Another train was waiting there with the engine puffing off a huge column of black smoke. People with huge luggage were rushing towards it in large numbers. My father asked me to follow him closely. We boarded a second class compartment. It too was soon packed to the full of passengers.

At 8: 30 a.m. the train started for Lumding. I somehow managed to get a seat near a window and began to look at things along the railway track. The train gradually began to enter the Baril Hills and to my great delight and wonder. I found myself in the midst of grand beauties of nature. On the left of the line was a high hill reaching the sky and on the right was flowing the Jatinga river with its crystal clear water. Even the fishes swimming in the river were clearly visible from the train.

A Journey By Boat

A journey by boat is very pleasant if there is no storm in the sky and if there are no waves in the river all along through which the boat passes. I had once a boat journey some years ago. I went to my sister’s house at a distance of about 32 kilometers from my own home. A part of the way lay through a lake while the rest was down a river. My companions and I started on our journey at about 9 a.m.

Although it was mid-July, the sky was clear of clouds and the sun shone brightly. Our path lay along a canal at first. There were houses on both banks of the canal. Many other boats were playing up and down the canal. It was a very delightful sight. Gradually we left the village behind and began to pass through a wide lake. It looked all white, there was not a blade of grass anywhere.

The huge mass of water could be seen reaching the horizon at a long distance. A gentle wind was blowing and our boat was dancing in the ripples. It took us three hours to cross this expanse of water. Many boats with sails passed us on the way. Some of them carried passengers and some carried foodgrains. At about I p.m. our boat reached a market on the bank of the river. The boatman anchored the boat there for half an hour for rest.

We, too, were very hungry and felt a pain in the limbs for sitting huddled in the boat for hours together. So we went up to the market, bought some fruit and sweets from there and returned to the boat. The way was long and tedious. The afternoon sun gave us much trouble with its hot rays. But we forget all our suffering at the sight of things and places on the banks of the river.

Gradually the sun went down, a red ball of fire sank down into the water in front of us. Suddenly we heard a song of many voices together with loud sounds of drums and cymbals. We were wondering what all this meant when we saw two longboats with many persons in each shooting forward like arrows along the river. We could understand that it was a boat race.



Traveling means going from one place to another place. Some people travel for pleasure, some for business, while there are many others who travel to earn their living.

Traveling is rather a tedious and troublesome job for people of small means. Because they cannot afford to pay for comfortable conveyance and therefore are huddled in trains and buses and one put to a thousand inconveniences. Rich people, on the other hand, find traveling very enjoyable. They can bear the high cost of traveling and enjoy the beauties of nature. When they go to a particular place there they come into contact with people of high status.

Traveling is instructive to one and all. When we travel from one place to another we meet with people from various places with various habits, manners, and customs. We carry our own culture to them and in return, come back with their culture. Thus a traveling is established between two places and grows better understanding and close relations among different groups of people.

In the countries of Europe and America, traveling is regarded as a point of education for young people. They think that education is incomplete until a young man goes abroad and comes into direct contact with the people of various countries. Their parents can afford the expenses of traveling but Indian parents can’t afford because they have little money. We, therefore, have to remain satisfied by studying about it in the books only.

My First Aeroplane Journey

My first airplane journey was in the month of October last year during the Dussehra holidays when I came to Delhi with my father to visit my grandparents. Our tickets were booked in advance for the Indian Airlines flight 492 scheduled to take off at II a.m. from Udaipur. It was Tuesday morning when we all left the house at 8.30 a.m. It is a long drive to the airport which is far from the city.

At the airport, we went through the baggage and security check after which we get our boarding announcement for IA 492. Along with other passengers we walked to our plane. Inside the craft, we were greeted by a smiling Air-hostess. She guided us to our seats. My seat was next to the window Just as our plane began to take off we were instructed to tie our seat belts. My father helped me. The Air-hostess explained the safety instructions and demonstrated the use of an oxygen mask in case of an emergency. When the plane left the ground with a jerk I felt cold, little scared but excited.

I looked out of the window. The ground moves away, the houses looked smaller, roads seemed narrower and cars and buses appeared like toys. The captain of our flight was Mr. M. L Singh. He informed us about the height we were flying at and the weather conditions and the time we would take to reach Jaipur. Slowly I felt relaxed and began to enjoy as I watched the passengers around me.

Some were reading newspapers. Some others were going through the colorful pages of Swagat Magazine and a few others were looking around. An Air-hostess came around with a tray of sweets and toffees. A couple sitting in front of us took almost a handful as their little daughter was crying a lot. They took toffees for the child. At 11.40 a.m. we landed at Jaipur. All the passengers were asked to identify their baggage due to some security reasons.

The stoppage of half an hour at Jaipur was a bit boring. At this time juice and some biscuits were brought for us. We landed at Palam Airport, Delhi at exactly 1 p.m. The plane had to circle twice before landing as the main runway was under repair and this was not clear for landing. After collecting our baggage we moved out. My grandparents had come to receive us. This was the end of my first airplane journey. The trip from Udaipur to Delhi was short but I enjoyed the major part of it. It was an entirely new experience to remember.

A Journey By Bus

Last Saturday I reached home by bus. I was to join the birthday of my sister. I reached the bus stand of Ghaziabad by rickshaw. I saw a great rush at the bus stand. The passengers were waiting for the bus anxiously. Hawkers were busy selling their items. The bus arrived. The passengers ran at the door. I could get in with great difficulty. All the seats were occupied. I had to keep standing. Many passengers were also standing. Ladies and children were in trouble.

The bus left for Meerut. When we reached Murad Nagar, we found the road was under repair. The bus had to make its way in dust. I was covered badly with dust. The luggage of a passenger fell off the roof of the bus. As the bus entered the city, there was a traffic jam. It took us half an hour to get clear of the traffics jams. At the last bus reached Meerut bus stand, I got down, took a rickshaw and reached home. It was a troublesome journey.