As a result of scientific developments, the distances have been reduced and the vast world has become unified and cohesive. The scientists have conquered both time and space and have made the world very shortly. Trains and cars run on land, ships sail on the surface of the sea and aeroplanes fly in the air. On account of the very fast and safe means of travel, a man can have his breakfast in Delhi. his lunch in London and dinner at New York the same day. The safe and speedy modes of travel have aroused a keen desire in people to travel the different parts of his country and the world to gain first-hand knowledge. There has been a tremendous improvement in the living standard of the people of India.

As a result, a large percentage of people can well afford to undertake air, train and bus travel. It has brought about a considerable increase in the volume of traffic of tourists. Today, tourism has become the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry and a rich source of earning foreign exchange. Tourism is a boon to India because foreign VGitors bring to our country the urgently needed foreign exchange. It helps the country to offset the deficits in its balance of payments.

Tourism also generates many employment opportunities. It also promotes transportation, shopping banking and hotel and restaurant services etc, Travel and tourism have great cultural and educational value. It provides a novel. refreshing exciting and rewarding experience both for native and foreign travellers. It also promotes national integration, international understanding and goodwill. Being a vast country, India has a huge potential for the development of tourism. India is a land of places Of pilgrimage, hill stations, sea resorts, historical places and monuments and wildlife sanctuaries.

In a nutshell, India’s potential for tourism is as vast as it is varied The foreign exchange earnings from tourism amount to crores of rupees in India because lakhs of foreign visitors come to India every year. The developments of our sea beaches and hill resorts are attracting more and more tourists. Our tourist offices abroad are also attracting tourists through publicity literature in many main world languages, The tourist offices also maintain film and photo libraries on subjects of tourists interest. A number of youth hostels have been constructed in different parts of the country. They attract youth tourists. The forest lodges provide facilities for the tourists of viewing wildlife. The snow skiing and water skiing are also looked after carefully. A number of night shelters have been constructed at many centres of pilgrimage.

The Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) has its own fleet of deluxe coaches and tourist cars. It also provides entertainment programmes for hotels. To encourage foreign tourists, special trains have been introduced and Indian Airlines have also provided many facilities. Besides, the regulations relating to currency, customs etc. ‘have also been liberalised. The Indian flora and fauna and her diversity in languages and culture have made her the ultimate tourist destination. Her breathtaking vistas of the grandest scenic beauty will go on enamouring the foreign tourists and enriching our indigenous touring industry.