Student Life

Student life is the happiest period in the life of a person. It is a life, free from all anxieties of the tough world. The mind of the student is full of noble ideas, his eyes are full of dreams. He has to think of one thing only his studies, his preparation for the coming struggle of life. If properly utilized, student life lays the foundation of the future, its success, and achievement. If misused, defeat is sure.

Student life is the most crucial period in the life of a person. Although there are no worldly cares to worry about the time, the period is very important for the student himself, for he has to be up and doing in the acquisition of knowledge in the formation of his character and in making contact with the world about him. The impressions he will gather at this period will determine his future conduct. The taste he will develop in student life will influence his behavior towards other people throughout his future career. It is, therefore, necessary that a right and proper use of the period is made with the utmost care.

Student-life is the period of education. Education is the all-round development of an individual life that is full filling this aim. The success or failure of student life can be judged by the student. Unfortunately for us, student life in our country is not receiving the right amount of attention, it deserves. Two hundred years of foreign rule is responsible for this. We hope, things will take proper shape now.

Our School Library

A library is a place with a collection of books. These books are lent out to readers for a period of time. They return the books after the period is over and borrow new books. Everyone who wants to borrow new books from a library, has to pay a monthly or annual subscription. Then he becomes a member of the library and acquires the right to borrow books.

The library offers ordinary readers an easy scope of reading valuable books, which are not easy for them to buy. In a country like ours, it is not possible for a reader to buy all the books he likes to read. Very few people can manage to do so. But if the people of a village or a particular part of a town want to have a library, they can easily do so by raising subscription and buying books therewith. Such a library becomes public property and can be used by one and all subjects to some rules that the management may draw up. The government also does so.

A library contains books of various types and interests. Readers may borrow books of their own choice. There are novels, biographies, poems, stories, books on travels and adventures, poems, etc. Besides them, there are books of reference. Some libraries subscribe room attached to the library, where readers assemble and read them.

The library is a useful medium for the spread of knowledge and is an integral part of the culture. In progressive countries, the library is widely used by people.

In some countries, there are traveling libraries that visit remote villages periodically and make books available to one and all.


My First Day at School

yesterday I went to school with my elder brother. It was the first day of my school. When I reached school, I saw a crowd of boys with their gradians. They were in their best clothes and some boys came with their friends for admission. The building of the school was very big. It looked beautiful and the office of the principal was in the center. It was near the library. first of all, I went to the principal’s office.

After admission, I went to my classroom, and the seats were arranged properly. Mr. H. R. Sharma was talking to the students and when I entered the room, I said “Good Morning” Sir. Mr. Sharma was pleased. He asked me to sit, after some time the bell rang and the school was over. I liked the school, its discipline impressed me very much. I made some friends, and they were smart, very well behaved. they appeared to be sympathetic.

An Ideal Student

An ideal student is who is ideal in every respect. He is an intelligent and studious boy, a good sportsman, a respectful pupil, and an obedient son and a noble friend. One ideal student is batter than a hundred idle ones. He is the pride of the school or college and the joy and hope of his family. It is not easy to be an ideal student.

There are fifty students in my class but Suresh is the best of all. He has those qualities which only an ideal student has. He is a very brilliant boy, reading is his hobby. Obedience to elders is his religion. He is a very well behaved and polite boy. He is the shiny star of our school both the teachers and the students love him very much. He is the life of our School. Let us try to become bright and brilliant as he is.

He is regular at everything that he does. He gets up early in the morning and goes out for a walk. He does exercise and offers prayers to God. He obeys his parents and does not give them any chance for any complaint. He does not fight with his brothers, sisters, and neighbors. He is regular as a clock in his studies and does not waste even a single minute in idle gossips. He avoids the company of bad boys, he reads newspaper and ha san up to date knowledge.

His behavior in school is praiseworthy. He is punctual and listens to his teachers attentively. He refuses to be a bookworm. He takes an active interest in most of the activities of his school. He knows that the art of public speaking is necessary.  He does not shirk games. To him, work is worship. He is an all, rounder. He is in the good books of his teachers. he stands first in every examination and thus brings credits to his institution and parents.

He is a thorough gentleman and does not hurt the feelings os anyone. He talks in a very sweet manner. He lends a helping hand to the poor and the needy. He leads a simple life does not run after a fashion. He has no touch of pride in him. He does not like to show his knowledge. Discipline is the breath of his life. He is young in age but old in wisdom. May he live long!


Hostel Life

The hostel is a part of education. It is a living place for outside students. The students who come from other places are allowed to live in the hostel. Hostel life is regular and helpful to study and health. A hostel is a place where the student is given a proper environment for all-round development while living there. All schools do not have a hostel. There are some who have a hostel. Here a student finds a safety against bad social evils if he lives in the city. Some students read in their city and some go to another city to get an education.

A scholar has a regular life. He has to follow a regular time table. The life of the scholar is limited to study hours on the school campuses. After school hours he has to go to his house. There he lives with his parents. He has to depend on his mother. He hardly does his own work such as washing clothes, arranging beds in proper order because there is other family member who is ready to help.

He gets a habit to live on other’s help. But in the hostel, a student has to get up at a fixed time. He has to follow the rules of the hostel. He takes care of all things himself. He washes the clothes himself. He puts everything in a proper and clean way. His education does not finish in class. He has a special social life. Social life also plays an important part in education. This life is best enjoyed in hostels. The boys who live together in a hostel, know each other and they form a friendship which may be helpful in future life. They join games daily in the evening. They get a habit of study on time.

The superintendent of the hostel is a teacher. He always thinks to make all-round development of his students who are living in the hostel under him. If he needs, he also calls the parents to take co-operation. Being a man of discipline, he has good discipline. The students learn to obey rules. are made good citizens hold future responsibilities.

They have to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the proper time. They learn how to help and trust each other. They learn to give and take. They also learn to help those who are in trouble or suffering. They go to the reading room and recreation hall in time. Hostel life teaches them to help themselves and to stand on their own feet. They learn to take own decision on the spot. They set their life in a definite pattern.

It is true that they do not get the love of parents daily. But it is also a reason to visit after some gap gives more joy when they meet their parents. Sometimes good boys get into bad company in a hostel, as a result, they get bad habits. They begin to smoke. They become a fan of cinema. They become fashionable. They waste money and time. Here the superintendent is to be blamed. It is his duty to turn out the bad fish from the hostel ocean. He should be alert and should have sudden checking personally on the whole in this modern period to face the competition hostel life is very and charming.

Fashion Among Students

Generally, the meaning of the word ‘Fashion’ is to learn manners. But nowadays, fashion denotes style of dress and hair. These days the students devote more in fashion than studies As soon as a boy or a girl joins a college, there occurs a marvelous change in him or her. Their gait is changed. Their behavior gets stricken with artificiality.

Gradually the students are forgetting their simplicity, once a thing or style gets in vogue, it is blindly followed by the students in the race of fashions. Girls have not lagged behind. Rather they have gone one step ahead than the boys. Their garments have been making short and tight and which are not easy to wear and not comfortable.

They cannot sit and run properly. The styles of actors or actresses in new movies promote fashion among students. The theme of movies may be worthless. Our society does not allow us to follow certain scenes that are exhibited in foreign movies. Because these are very harmful to our career and success. So we should avoid these fashions. The students should have totally attention and focus on their education.