Value of Games and Sports

“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee! Rumble, young man! Rumble! Waaa! ” —Muhammad Ali

Introduction: Through gåmes and sports, we keep our bodies active and healthy. It also repletes our mind and soul. But this is not the whole truth that a boy who does not play and is always reading may become dull. But games give him much more.

Health: The first importance of games is that they keep us healthy. Games provide the best exercise for the body. Exercise is very necessary and useful. The limbs move. The blood circulates. The whole body becomes active. We gain vigor and energy. It is said that a healthy mind can exist in a healthy body only. Health is the basis of all life. Without good health, we can do nothing and enjoy anything. Life is useless.

Recreation: By recreation, we generally mean play or amusement. But it has a deeper meaning. When we do something, it destroys some small tissues in our body. Games create those tissues again. The recreation that we get in games makes our life active. It refreshes our body and mind enabling us to do more work and with efficiency.

Discipline: Discipline is the most important thing in life If there is no discipline all work would stop. There would be no safety. Society would be destroyed. A disciplined person makes real progress in life. Games train us in this discipline. They not only teach us to do the right thing at the right time, but they also do more. They train us to control ourselves.

Team spirit: Man is a social animal. He cannot be merely selfish. He has to adjust himself to society. Games train us to do so. They teach us team spirit. Success in games depends upon team spirit and cooperation. Every player has to think of the team and work for the team. He cooperates with others. A selfish player can do nothing. This team spirit and the habit of cooperating with others for the common good is most important for human society.

Conclusion: Games make us real human beings, good members of society, good citizens and good nationals of our country, They have great importance in our life.

One Day Cricket Match

On 20 January 1998 1 enjoyed the cricket match on television. It was played between India and Australia at Sydney. Australia won the toss and batted first. Alan Border, the captain of the Australia team was run out. He scored 39 runs. Marsh opened magnificently. He scored 78 runs. Australia scored 208 in fifty overs. Srikant, Manjreker, Azharuddin, Kapil Dev, Chandra Kant Pandit, and Prabhakar disappointed.

Shastri opened fairly well. He scored valuable 61 runs. Mohd. Azharuddin, the captain of the Indian team scored only 11 runs. Australia’s fielding was weak. But Indians could not take advantage of it. The lion-hearted Tendulkar was the center of attraction. He batted intelligently. India appeared to be winning when Tendulkar was at the crease. The match was highly thrilling. India needed only 20 runs in three overs and five batsmen were to come.

But in the 50th over Tendulkar was caught out. He scored 69 runs. As soon as he was out, India’s challenge was over. India could not score even 19 runs for a win. Pandit and Manoj Prabhakar could do nothing and India lost the match by only 6 runs. The match was highly exciting. It was full of ups and downs. Fortune smile of sometimes this way and sometimes that way. The Indian team fell like a bundle of cards. Only Shastri and Tendulkar shone brilliantly.


A Football Match

Last Sunday, a very interesting football match was played between our school and the Mission school. Lots of people had come to see the match. Both the teams were eventually matched. So the game was contested. Mr. Ram Lal was the referee. He was fair and impartial. The match began at 4 p.m. At first, the game was rather slow.

But soon it became brisk. The Mission team pressed us hard. Most of the time, the game was near our goal. once the captain of the Mission School team kicked the ball right into our goal. But our goalkeeper, who was very smart and active, saved the goal and won great applause. Soon it was half time. Both the teams had light refreshments. After ten minutes, the referee whistled and the game started again. In the second half both the teams put up a very good show.

There were some fine kicks and counter kicks. It seemed as if the match would end in a draw. There were only ten minutes left. I got the ball and passed on to the right forward. Ram Sarup, he dribbled the ball very softly, cleared the defense of the opponents, and kicked a goal. There were loud cheers. Our boys went almost made with joy.

Shouts of “Hurrah! Well played !” _rent the air. This discouraged the Mission School team. They tried hard to equalize. But their efforts proved fruitless. We won the match by one goal. These were deafening cheers. Our boys rushed on the ground and yelled with delights. It was a proud day for our school.

A Wrestling Match

Last Sunday, an interesting wrestling match was played between Dara Singh and Harnam Singh in our town. It was played in the compound of the Municipal Sarai. The entry was by means of tickets. The sub-inspector of police was the umpire. I bought ten-rupees tickets and went in. I sat on a chair. Those who bought five-rupees tickets sat on carpets. There was a great rush of visitors at the gate. In the compound there was a good arrangement for seating the onlookers.

Both the wrestlers were famous. People, therefore, had come from far and near to see the match. R111e wrestling arena was in the middle of the compound. All around it, there were seats. The ground of the wrestling arena had been well dug. It was sprinkled with a mixture of water and oil. We witnessed a few wrestling bouts before Dara Singh and Harnam Singh entered the arena.

They were strong and stalwarts. They looked like a giant. Their muscles were well developed. At first, they shook hands. Then they came to gaps. After about ten minutes, they parted. Now they were on the lookout to play a trick. In the twinkling of an eye, Dara Singh applied the trick known as ‘Dhobi-Pachar’. Harnam Singh fell flat on the ground. Dara Singh won the match. Everyone praised him. His supporters garlanded him and took him in a procession through the town.