A Visit to a Place of Historical Importance

The Tai Mahal

“Monuments are our precious heritage. ”

Introduction: History teaches ug about the cultures, traditions, customs and so on, of our ancient civilization. It is also a part of education as remarked by Sir Francis Bacon: ‘Travel in the younger sort, is a part of education, in the elder a part Of experience. ” Our history teacher believes in practical teaching. So this year in the month of October, he took some students to Agra to see Taj Mahal. Being a student of history, I got an opportunity to visit Agra.

Importance Of Agra: Agra is a famous city. It achieved great historical importance in India during the Mughal period. The Mughal emperors made it their capital Ior a long time.

Buildings at Agra: The Mughals built many buildings. Some of them are very remarkable. The Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, Sikandra, and the Fatehpur Sikri are places worth seeing.

Our stay at Agra: We reached Agra at noon. We stayed ina luxurious hotel. After taking light refreshment we started to see the Taj Mahal.

Description of the Taj: The Taj Mahal is situated on the left bank of the river Yamuna. It is built of white marble. It was built by Shah Jehan in memory of his beloved queen, Mumtaz Mahal. Being matchless in beauty, the Taj Mahal is one of the wonderful buildings of the world. It is a beautiful work of architecture. The whole building is white. The graves of both the King and the Queen are in the vault of the Taj Mahal. It looks very beautiful in the moonlight. It is a story of true love. It tells that true love never dies. The Taj left a good effect on my mind.

Our visit to other places: After seeing the Taj, we went to see the Red Fort next morning. It is built of red sandstone. So it is called the Red Fort. There are two halls: one is Deewan-e-Aam, the other is Deewan-e-Khas. Then we went to Sikandra, the mausoleum of Akbar.

A visit to Fatehpur Sikri: At noon, we visited Fatehpur Sikri. It is about 23 miles from Agra. It has a great story. Emperor Akbar got it built-in memory of his son’s birth there. It is deserted now, There are many other grand buildings. The Panch Mahal, Buland-Darwaza, and tombs of important persons are of main interest. The Buland Darwaza is a very lofty building. There are palaces of Birbal, Jodha Bai, Abul Fazal. The tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti is also there.

Conclusion: We enjoyed the visit to Agra very much and returned home the next day.

A Visit to the Zoo

We were excited when our teacher announced our class will be taken to the zoo. I was very keen to visit the zoo, as I love birds and animals. They are our partners. I think the man would be lonely without them- All the students rushed to the bus and requested the bus driver to take the bus fast to the zoos. Soon we reached the Delhi Zoo.

It is one of the largest zoos in the country. It covers near the area of about 35 acres. It is situated near the old Fort (Purana Qila) and is a place of great attraction. It is always crowded by thousands of people and children every day, It is a beautiful and natural place, it consists of many kinds of trees, plants, grassy grounds. In the zoo, there are many animals and birds, which come from many countries of the world.

There we saw beautiful birds with multicolored feathers. There were Pelicans, Siberian Cranes, Peacocks, Peahens, Sparrows, Nightingales, Kingfishers too. We saw the crane, storks, ducks, and swans swimming in the pond. Some birds were singing, chirping and whistling. We were very anxious to see various kinds of monkeys, gorillas, and baboons. I was very delighted to see my favorite animals, which included tigers, lions, leopards, and cheetahs. There were also many elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, and crocodiles in the zoo.

The other attraction of the zoo were stags, deers, horses, antelopes, and rabbits. The most entertaining was the playful chimpanzee. They were showing various tricks and we all enjoyed their aerobatics. It was an interesting experience to see lovely golden fishes swimming in the water. After seeing the zoo, we felt tired and hungry. We sat under a tree and ate our tiffin. After some time, we returned to our school. We thanked our teacher for such an enjoyable trip. We learned many things about the animals. I saw some animals for the first time, which I had seen earlier only in pictures.

A Visit to a Circus

A circus is one of the most popular entertainments. During the Dussehra holidays, a grand circus came to our city. It was the Rayman Circus. It drew a large crowd from all walks of life. One evening, I also went to see it. The show was in a huge tent which was brightly lit up. I bought a first-class ticket and went in. The seats were arranged in a big circle round the arena. I sat out a chair. There was a big crowd of spectators. The show began at half-past six. The band played all the time. First of all, some gymnasts came in. They were very smart and active. They showed wonderful feats on the swing and the tight rope.

They turned some results through the air. After this came the ringmaster and three lions. The lions growled and roared. Many children were frightened at the scene. The ringmaster cracked the whip and the lions obeyed him like pet dogs. They jumped through a blazing ring. They played around the arena. At the bidding of the ringmaster, the lions and a lamb drank from the same basin.

Then we saw the performance of the horses. They galloped round and round the arena. Sometimes they would stop all of sudden and again they would break into a gallop at the cracking of a whip. Then came an elephant. He danced and walked like a lame person.

He sat on a stool. He then held soda water in his trunk and drank it. He showed many other feats. After this came a motorcyclist. He motored up and down the ‘well of death’. The spectators looked at him with their mouths wide open. There were two clowns with painted faces. They made funny jokes and provided good amusement.

Their only purpose was to make the spectators laugh and forget their cares. Every time they appeared people roared with laughter. Last of all came five monkeys. Each of them rode a cycle. They showed their skill in slow and quick cycling. Then they got down their cycles saluted spectators and ran away. I had a very happy evening there. The visit was really very wondering.


A Visit to the Hospital

It was the month of July. A friend of mine had met with an accident. He was removed to the emergency ward and admitted to the general ward. On my return from school, I came to know of this mishap. I felt that it was my duty to go to the hospital and inquire after my friends well being. The time for the visitors was from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M.

I left my place at 4’O clock by bus and reached the hospital at 4: 30. There were a lot of visitors who had come to see their near and dear ones who were lying in the hospital. They all looked very anxious and worried. I went straight to the general ward. I saw my friend. Thank God, the case was not at all serious. He had escaped with some scratch on the face and a bruise on the leg. I consoled him.

I now thought of going around the hospital to see what life in a hospital is. The building was quite big and awe-inspiring. There were several private and general wards. They were all very neat and clean. The electric fans were working. The patients were lying on beds. Some sleeping, some sitting up and some groaning. Some had undergone operations. Their kith and kins were sitting beside them.

The condition of some of the patients was pitiable. The doctors and nurses were busy doing their duty. They were rendering all possible help to the patients. From one room, I heard cries of lamentation and I realized that the patient. in that room had passed away. It made me very sad. The cries were heart roaring. I left the hospital at 6 P.M. My visit had a very sobering effect on me.

A Visit to a Museum

On Republic Day, we had a chance to visit the Museum attached to the Mughal gardens. Crowds of people visit this splendid place and enjoy their visit to the Mughal gardens and our class teacher took us to the museum. We purchased a ticket and we stood under a huge gate of a big hall. We questioned our teacher what it was. He told us that this is the main gate of the museum.

We entered the big hall and enjoyed the sight of beautifully colored paintings. The colorful paintings were mounted on the wooden stands. Though it was centuries ago when these were drawn, yet their colours was as fresh as ever. The lovely and bright colors of these paintings were enjoyable. These colored paintings showed the glory of ancient Indian Art. These were pictures of great kings and queens whose names are found in the history books of our country.

The thrones of kings were depicted in beautiful colors. We saw many other beautiful pictures of birds and trees, queens and kings. We enjoyed this site very much. In another room, we saw old types of clothing which were embroidered. The clothes shine brightly. But in another room, we found old coins and inscriptions, which were more enjoyable. We saw the various arts of old coins and read out the story of the artists who had drawn all these things and kept a great culture alive.

The whole day was full of wonders, as it had provided us with an opportunity to visit these places. A museum is a place where ancient pieces of art lie protected. It was an enjoyable visit. The teacher had explained to us the importance of all these pieces of art. It was a very useful visit and many of our friends had enjoyed it.


A Visit to an Exhibition

Last Sunday, I went with my friends to visit an exhibition of Jewels and Jewellery. It was organized by the Department of Tourism at Hotel Clark Shiraz, Agra. I went along with my friends to Hotel Clark Shiraz in the early morning. The Jewels and Jewellery of a King of medieval age were displayed in four halls of the hotel, We were fascinated by the purity of gold, its glitter made our eyes bedazzled and closed for a few moments. In glass showcases, nearly 1,000 items had been displayed by the organizers. No one was allowed to touch anyone of the items in the exhibition. We saw necklaces, diamond bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, and anklets. Many of these were made of silver. However diamond-studded jewelry was enchanting beyond comparison.

The current price of each item exceeded Rs. 12 lakh; I think the high price of each article was due to its historical significance and not because of the current price of gold in the markets. Besides, diamonds and other stones (like rubies, emeralds, topaz, and gemstones) were finely cut and polished (during medieval times). That is the reason why these stones and diamonds were very costly.

In any case, we did not plan to purchase any one of the exhibits; these were a part of the treasure of the Union Government. After having a close look at nearly 833 exhibits, we took some refreshments. At 4 P.M. we entered into the last exhibition hall. The remaining 167 exhibits were displayed in it. The security staff was heavily armed in this hall. One of my friends enquired and found that the famous diamonds of the king were displayed in the hall.

We could only have a glimpse of this diamond which was studded in an 18-carat gold crown. This hall was very much congested due to the display of this crown in it. Finally, we come out of the last exhibition hall and also come out of the hotel. Then, we set out for our respective homes I enjoyed this visit to my heart’s content.

A River Excursion

Last Saturday’ was a very fine day. The sky was overcast. We did not like to read on that day. We requested our teacher to arrange an excursion on a river. He granted our request We started on our excursion. The river is at a distance of four kilometers from our school. Our worthy teacher decided to go on foot. We all agreed to his proposal. We started in a happy mood. We had hardly gone two kilometers when we met another school It was a happy union. We went further happily and merrily.

We went with the shouting of joy. Some of us were singing merrily. Both parties enjoyed the natural sights on the way. There came upon a welcome shower on the way. It made the weather good. On our way, we met many trucks and buses. Thus taking, laughing and singing we reached the river. We crossed the bridge and enjoyed the sight of water flowing rapidly. We made small boats of paper and floated them on the surface of the water. Both the parties separated to enjoy themselves.

My party which consisted of sixteen boys crossed the river in a large boat and reached the other bank. Other boys selected a lonely place. While we were in the boat we heard a farmer boy singing a song. We kept on wandering for some time to enjoy sights. After two hours we returned to join our companions. At about 12 0’clock we had our lunch with great joy. We stole some fruits and vegetables from the fields and enjoyed them. In the evening both the parties had a Kabaddi match.

The match was going on, one of our companions entered the river to bathe. As he went further, the waver swept him away. He cried for help. I being a good swimmer, at once jumped into the river and brought him to the bank When he returned to his senses, we were very happy. Soon it was the time to return. We were again on the road for home. The sun in the west had grown more pleasant.

So the return journey was more enjoyable. We came back talking and walking leisurely. It was quite dark when we were again in the school compound. From school, we started for our homes, all glad of having a good excursion.


An Excursion in A Park

One of the main problems in the city is pollution. Cities are becoming unfit for a healthy life every day. Every city is full of factories and workshops in which work goes on for day and night. Thousands of chimneys of the factories are every minute, puffing out huge quantities of smoke and soot which is carried all over the houses and make the air too poisonous to breathe in. Also, the big towns and cities are always full of din and noise which disturb the peace of sensitive men and women.

The only remedy against this pollution and noise in nature. There is a need for more and more gardens and parks in the towns where the people may retreat for fresh air and peaceful silence. These parks and gardens can give a few peaceful and healthy moments to the common men and women. They can make their life bearable. Every town and city, therefore, has usually a number of parks, lawns, and gardens, though more and more are needed every day.

Those trees are the parks provide fresh air to the people. Like other towns, our town is expanding every day. Building and houses are rising all around. Every open space is being used to set-up new houses and quarters. Fortunately, our town has some beautiful gardens, which are preserved and maintained by the Municipal Corporation of our town. The best and the largest of these parks are visited by a large number of people every evening.

The people wander about in the open, grassy lawns. They sit upon the garden, upon the benches or walk about the middle of flowers. Water fountains flowing at many places add a fascinating and refreshing touch to the sight. This park has also a corner for the children where they play, enjoy, see-saw or swing. There is a big tank in which golden fish swim and gave an attractive sight. An evening spent in the park removes the harmful effect of all day and refreshes everyone.