Mission Digital India

Introduction: The Digital India project was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 1st of July in 2015. It is an effective scheme to transform India for better growth and development of the people and the country. Inauguration of the Mission: Digital India week from 1st July to 7th July was inaugurated by the prime minister on Wednesday in the presence of senior ministerial colleagues and leading companies CEOs. It aims to give India a digital push for good governance and more jobs.

Need of the hour: The prime minister of India has tried his best towards digitizing campaign in India in order to bridge the gap between government services and people. Digitization was the need to be implemented in India for a bright future and grow more than any other developed country.

Broadband highways in cities: The digital India campaign opens access to broadband highways in all cities, towns, and villages and will make possible the availability of world-class services at the click of the mouse. Benefits of digital India Large scale development of Wi-Fi hotspots has been planned by the BSNL all across the country.

There is a plan of outsourcing policy also to help with the digital India initiative. Bharat Net program will connect almost 250000-gram panchayats of the country. It may ease the important health care services through the e-Hospital system. Through the e-Sign framework, citizens may digitally sign their documents online. It makes possible for people to submit their documents and certificates online anywhere which reduces physical work.

Importance of Computer

Introduction: We are living in an electronic age. The computer is one of the most useful inventions of this age. It has invaded almost every aspect Of human life. Importance of computer: Computer has made inroads into every aspect of Industry and Commerce, The impact of the computer has changed the way in which several industries function.

The following are some areas where the computer is used:

Publishing Computers are used to do On-screen composing and editing. This saves a lot of time and money. Computer software of Indian languages is also available which helps the publisher produce books that are of high quality yet reasonably priced.

Finance: Most companies worldwide, are rapidly switching to computerised accounting systems. Long time-consuming calculations and other mathematics- intensive problems can now be solved at the press of a button.

Management: The personal computer has revolutionized management functions. Computer reduces paperwork, speeds up communication and improves the quality of work.

Medicine: Computer has ushered in revolutionary techniques of diagnosis and treatment in the world of medical science. Simple blood tests to complicated brain scans have all become more accurate and foolproof. Surgeries are now performed with minimum incision with the help of computer.

Media: The newspaper we read every morning, the music we hear and our favorite program on the television have all had something to do with computer, directly or indirectly. If it were not for the computer we could have never expected to watch live telecasts of our favorite sports and Parliament proceedings. Even the music we hear has a lot to do with computer.

Design: Computers and various design software packages are used for a wide range of activities including fashion technology, art. graphic designing, interior decoration, and even architecture. Computer gives us the option of trying and various combinations of size, color, and structure without having to go back to the drawing board.

Other areas: We gasped at the ticketing officer as she gave us so much information so swiftly. The use of computer ensures checking delay and corruption, Some fear that in the present socio-economic Esteem in our Country the ‘mindless use of computers may displace labor’. But this idea is wrong. Conclusion Today the computer is the heart of development in any sphere.

Science and Human Happiness

 “Life today is governed and conditioned by the off-shoots of science and it is very difficult to imagine existence without them. ” —Pt. Nehru

Introduction: The modern age is the age of science. Science has made impossible things possible. We cannot think of anything without science. It is very useful to us in every walk of life.

Uses of electricity: The invention of electricity is a great boon. It is now used to cook our food, to wash our clothes and to light our houses and streets. It runs our trains. The electric fan, the heater, the press, the radio, the television, etc., make our life comfortable. It is useful and helpful for industries and for medical science. Electricity runs huge machines in factories that yield maximum production to fulfill the needs of a growing population.

Wonders of medical science: Science has helped doctors in fighting diseases. Radium, Sulpha drugs, and X-rays are wonderful inventions of science. Radium cures cancer. Injections and vaccinations check diseases. It gives eyes to the blind, tongues to the dumb, legs to the lame and ears to the deaf. It even changes sex and produces test-tube babies.

Means of transport: Science has invented many new means of transport and communication. The invention of trains, motor cars, and airplanes has shortened distance. It has saved time and money. It has made traveling easier, cheaper and swifter.

Some wonderful scientific inventions : (a) Telephone: Telephone and telegraphy are wonderful inventions. We can talk with our relatives and friends living thousands of miles away. (b) Means of amusement: Gramophone is another invention of science. It enables us to hear the voice of persons, living or dead. The radio, the cinema, and the television amuse us. We get news about the current affairs of the world. (c) Different machines: Science has given us different types of machines. They increase production. The tractors and other implements are used in cultivation.

Conclusion: Science has also invented many destructive things. Atom bombs and jet fighters rain death. Thus it is a great boon in peace and a great curse in war. It is a good servant but a bad master.

Mobile Phone: Boon or Bane

Introduction: Mobile phone has brought a revolutionary change in this electronic world. It has become one of the fundamental means of communication. The Internet has easy access for twenty-four hours a day using data when there is no Wi-Fi available.

Effect on youth: We have seen most teenagers isolating themselves from their family, going to their rooms, upgrading Facebook, showing off photos. Their behavior has changed.

Gap creating phenomenon: Mobile has created a deeper gap in a parent-child relationship. A healthy parent-child relationship plays a major role in producing good citizens. High use of the mobile phone is associated with stress and sleep disorder in women, It is also associated with sleep disturbances and depression in men and women.

Addiction to using mobile: Placing a mobile phone under the pillow at night is very common, especially among teenagers. They are addicted to reply to the messages or notifications instantly regardless of the time of the day. Mobile use increases stress levels. Since 2010 children have become less able to produce unique and unusual ideas.

Boon and bane: Mobile phone brings constant interruption. It is up to young ones how they handle the situation. It is they who make the choice, either they go with the flow and be a part of the crowd or think wisely and deal with the situation prioritizing their health, school and, family.

Use or abuse our concern: Technology has given us a choice of life to live for technology. It comes with two options of use or abuse. Using leads to success and abusing follows the destruction.

Conclusion: There are small children at home, They should learn about the shortcomings of using Cell phones and do not equip themselves with mobiles. They are still young and unable to be responsible.