Did the leaders who steered us through the holocaust of partition visualize that the very violence and crimes that the sought to avoid would one day become the bane of this country? The answer to this question would be a resounding no.

However, this is the hard reality of today’s life. Robberies, hold-ups, rape, molestation, murder cheating, and forgeries have become a reality of life, both in cities and in villages. Such happenings do not cause any serious concern anymore. Any attempt to draw the attention of the law enforcement agencies are forestalled by the larger concerns of VIP security and terrorist activities.

Gruesome crimes find a place in an obscure corner of the national dailies, – while senseless political bickerings occupy headlines. An incidence of .of crime is no crime in the eyes of the media until it does not involve excessive sensationalism and innumerable people. A case in point is the Bhopal Gas tragedy, which is perhaps the biggest example of industrial pollution and criminal negligence. It was only when the death toll had risen considerably that the media woke up to the gravity of the situation and thought it fit to place it prominently in their newspaper.

Whatever comes to light, one must admit only exposes the tip of the criminal iceberg in the country. While the continually expanding roots keep on infecting new areas of our society. first, it was the uneducated tribals, then it infected the uneducated and unemployed city youth. Now the criminals are educated and highly trained young men and women.

Many criminals are brought to book each day. And many will be caught tomorrow in e due process of law. But by judicially avenging their crimes n our society afford to rest in peace? Can it truly say that it has found an effective way to combat all social crimes? Perhaps no, because the cause of these crimes is the systems of this society. It is the inequality of opportunities.

It is the difference between the rich and the poor. It is the desire to get rich quick. And it is the increasing grip of the media especially the T. V. which has created a world of make-belief for impressionable young minds. One, therefore, needs to address oneself to these problems, both individually and collectively before one really goes about mending the ways of the criminals in society.

Police are the arm of the Government which is responsible for keeping the law and order of the society. But, alas! there have been increasing incidences where the police instead of protecting the law and order have bowed down to the unlawful demands of the criminals backed by the political leadership. There have also been times when the police have used extremely brutal methods to exact confessions from criminals especially to women suspects.

Most of the police officials are found associating themselves with drunkards, gamblers, smugglers, and kidnappers. To earn monetary benefits is their sole religion. The servants of the public have become the torturers of innocent people.