“The One and Only Ivan is how a local billboard describes the movie’s title character: a silverback gorilla who is the star attraction of a small circus that exists in the center of a nondescript shopping mall in a non-specific place at a non-specific time. Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell) plays at being a ferocious beast when it’s his turn in the spotlight, but is actually a humble and soft-spoken creature, having been raised from a very young age by the circus owner and ringmaster Mack (Bryan Cranston). The circus has seen better days, however, and Mack tries to revitalize attendance by bringing in a new baby elephant, Ruby (voiced by The Florida Project‘s Brooklyn Prince) – who is immediately adopted by the circus’ longtime resident elephant, Ivan’s friend Stella (voiced by Angelina Jolie, who also co-produced the film). However, when young Ruby, who has never known anything but captivity, begins to wonder what it could mean to be free, it awakens similar feelings in the other animals, none more so than Ivan.

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