This laborer has to leave with his small child due to lockdown, And we do not know how much distance it will have to travel in this way because the government has stopped all transport services.
You can clearly see in this picture how a woman is sitting on the road with her three children. Perhaps in the hope that she will find transport that will take her and her children to home.

Lockdown was thought to be a mere joke.
Migrant Workers & Other People want to go back to their homes in the millions
Trying To go to Their Homes, Even he can not walk Because Of the Mismanagement Of Lockdown
Hit By Coronavirus Lockdown, 90-Year-old Woman Is Going Towards her Home, 400 Km Away
Killing Corona or Humans? Migrant Workers Sprayed With Disinfectant in UP’s Bareilly
हम भूख से लाडे या कोरोना वायरस से….?
Migrant Worker’ ways to go back home to their villages because of lockdown Due to coronavirus and don’t have enough food eat, So they put the children on their shoulders and went to their villages
The most heartbreaking photo of Lockdown, in this you can see how a little girl who herself would probably be 6 or 7 years old with a child on her lap (which would probably be her brother). She is not even aware of how far she has to go…